Clearwater Credit Union Southside

The southside remodel for Clearwater Credit Union was a multi-phased project that allowed the Credit Union to maintain its ability to serve clients while undergoing a major renovation to the campus. An extensive site work package significantly modified the parking and traffic routing on the site and was built in seven phases to minimize the impact on Credit Union customers. A new four-lane drive-up ITM structure was built and operational during the renovation. An additional steel-framed structure was built for covered parking with five parking stalls. The ITM and the covered parking structures included a large bank of photovoltaic cells as part of Clearwater Credit Union’s commitment to environmental conservation and green energy practices.

The branch building remodel started with a complete demo of the interior, existing windows, and the opening of exterior walls to expand the building footprint. Demo materials were recycled or repurposed by the demolition contractor. A metal roof, locally sourced wood siding, and new glass windows and entry highlight the exterior upgrades to the building. These exterior upgrades provide an updated and unique look for the building. The interior of the building offers a warm and open feeling with an abundance of natural light throughout. Two double transaction desks anchor the main lobby, accented with high ceilings, exposed wood columns, wood framed glass at the perimeter offices, and sustainable materials throughout.    

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