Missoula Federal Credit Union N Reserve

The remodel of the Missoula Federal Credit Union (now Clearwater Credit Union), North Reserve Street branch consisted of interior and exterior upgrades. The Interior remodel consisted of upgrading finishes throughout the main floor’s lobby, offices, and restrooms and behind the teller’s area with new paint, flooring, cabinetry, and upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems. 

Schedule and coordination were paramount to keep the lobby open for business and provide minimal inconvenience to customers while moving employees around to different offices as upgrade finishes were installed. The exterior remodel consisted of a larger remodel, demolishing a large part of the external fascia and siding at the building and at the drive-through and upgrading with new siding, adding a new vestibule/ ADA entrance, adding a solar panel structure on the roof and a new mechanical equipment screen on the roof. Schedule and close coordination were critical to keeping drive-through lanes open for customers while work was ongoing.

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